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In this 12 week program we will have weekly coaching calls in which I will walk you through the 3 Pillars of my Amplify Your Voice Podcast Method and focus on increasing your visibility, credibility and profitability to take you from Idea to Implementation with starting your own podcast.


Here is the 12 week program outline:


Uncover Your Light


Module 1 – Podcast CEO Mindset

Module 2 – Podcast Niche

Module 3 - Podcast Messaging/Branding

Module 4 - Organizing Your Podcast Structure


Bringing Your Light


Module 5 - Tech/Gear

Module 6 - Recording Your First Few Episodes

Module 7 - Interviewing Skills

Module 8 – Group Role Play Mock Interview Sessions


Radiate Your Light


Module 9 - Guest Booking/Community Building/Collaboration

Module 10 - Podcast Promotion

Module 11 - Podcast Production

Module 12 – Integration/Celebration


Amplify Your Voice: 12 Week Program

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