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Podcast Guesting is NOT a numbers game, it’s truly a relationship game, it’s about networking, providing value and seeing the opportunities that are right in front of you focus on your relationship with the host.


Do you want to take your guesting game to the next level? Whether you’re just getting started as a podcast guest game or have already been in the podcast game for a while, and want to brush up on your skills, this is the program for you.


The world needs to hear your message and you’re story, so don’t deny the world of that gift within you, someone out there needs to hear your story because it will support them in feeling hope, inspired and transformed.


If you would like to discover how I help my clients get out of their own way, show up and confidently share their message then this is the program for you. I will walk you through my 5 week program and you will have 30 days of access to me in a What’s App messaging group for questions and support if you need it.




Week 1 – Writing a bio and compiling your info for your Podcasting One Sheet


Week 2 – Crafting your podcast pitch and how to find podcasts that are in alignment with your messaging and brand


Week 3 – Gear/Tech and Podcast Pitching (practicing your pitch) via email and verbally


Week 4 – Interviewing Skills


Week 5 – Podcast Etiquette & Marketing


BONUS OFFER – I will get you started in the podcast guesting game by getting you on 3 podcasts, and you will get a professional One Sheet to help you promote yourself to podcasts. (You provide the headshot and content)


ALL OF THIS for $555

The Amplification Effect Guest Coaching Program

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