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Brad Walsh is a Professional Photographer who found himself wanting to inspire others during the pandemic. He birthed the idea of EMPOWEROGRAPHY as a platform to highlight strong, inspired and dynamic women to share their stories of success, triumph, resiliency and transformation. He had no idea that what started as a simple concept would take on a life of its own. He is excited to share this platform with you and continue to EMPOWER, ELEVATE and EDUCATE by amplifying the voices of women all over the world.


"This is not an old boys club mentality. We need to shift that way of thinking and change that. Women are just as capable, if not more so than men."

Brad Walsh

Our Mission

Our Mission

Sharing the stories, journeys and successes of empowered women with the world. ONE episode at a time.


Our Vision

Empowerography is a platform that believes in amplifying the voices of women and empowering their platforms to share messages of inspiration and community.

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